I’ve been a bad blogger, yes! It’s almost a year I started this blog,I gave up before I even started but I want to change that

So guess who’s back? ¬†Me!!!

I’ll be dropping more posts often


DIY Denim Choker

diy denim chokerHi there, long time since my welcome post. So chokers are in trend now. I was going to see a movie, I felt my outfit was missing something, a simple choker can transform your look.

I decided to do it myself cos I don’t like the normal tattoo chokers sold in the market. I dont have great pictures of the process but I hope you’ll get it.


Things you’ll need:

diy denim chokerPair of old jeans


Measuring tape


Thread and needle

How to:

diy denim choker

1. Cut half of the jeans

2. Cut through the middle of the jeans depending the width you want.

3. Take the measurement of your neck and cut the excess off the material

4. Sew the hook onto both side

Your choker is ready, I frayed the edges a bit for a rough look. You can also add a pendant

diy denim choker

Let me know what you think and if you’ll try it.




Hello everyone! Newbie on the block, I’m Oluchi and you’re welcome to my blog. I’m excited as well as nervous, I created this blog to share my everyday life and thoughts. I’m still trying to get around this, customizing and all. With time i guess it’ll get easier, thanks for reading. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.